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Chapter 7 Bankruptcy – Las Vegas Attorney John Ryan

Once you and your attorney conclude that bankruptcy is that right option for you what is the next step?  First, before filing your bankruptcy petition, you will need to take a pre-bankruptcy class.  After you file your bankruptcy, you will need to take a second, post-bankruptcy financial management course, in order to receive a discharge. Fortunately, both classes are offered in a variety of formats including online, over the telephone, etc. 

Once you have taken your pre-bankruptcy course and your bankruptcy petition has been filed, you will be assigned a bankruptcy trustee.  The bankruptcy court will notify you once a meeting of creditors has been scheduled and provide information about the hearing.  It is the job of the bankruptcy trustee to oversee and administer your case.  The bankruptcy trustee is also responsible for representing your creditors. 

The trustee will review your financial information and determine if there are any non-exempt assets that can be sold to pay your creditors.  It is important to note that although the bankruptcy process is administered by the court as an individual you are not on trial.  Falling behind on your payments to creditors is not even a crime.  However, you must remember to be truthful on the information that you provide on the bankruptcy petition and to the trustee.

Remember, the role of the bankruptcy court is to review the debtor’s assets and financial information to determine what assets, if any, are available to pay back the creditors. While individuals can proceed with filing bankruptcy with the assistance of an attorney, these “pro-se individuals are often at a disadvantage as compared to individuals represented by an attorney.  Hiring an attorney offers several advantages, including: making sure that you don’t miss any critical deadlines, ensuring that all of your debts are listed corrected on your bankruptcy schedules and guiding you through the process so that you don’t do anything that can be considered fraud.

Fortunately, you should know that in the majority of Chapter 7 cases, you will not see a judge.  Your primary point of contact the court will be the trustee that is assigned to your case.  Again, the trustee’s role is to examine your bankruptcy petition to determine if there are any non-exampt assets available that can be sold to pay creditors. Similarly, in a Chapter 13 case, the bankrutptcy trustee reviews all of your assets and financial records in order to determine if your proposed payment plan fairly distributes assets to creditors. . The bankruptcy trustee also receives your monthly payments in order to make distributions to your creditors.

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What’s Your Story? At  Ryan Bankruptcy & Injury Law, relationships matter.  We value the bond that form with our bankruptcy and personal injury clients and get to know personally them as individuals. We know each individual has their own challenges and we look forward to hearing yours and providing top quality legal representation.

Many large budget law firms are better at marketing then they are at practicing law. Many cut corners by simply asking you to fill out a bankruptcy worksheet. Worksheets can’t listen or tell your story, hiring Las Vegas bankruptcy lawyers is a must. At Anthem Legal Our Bankruptcy Lawyers in Las Vegas Nevada Are Your Resource for Asset Management, Personal Injury and Debt Settlement/Chapter 7/Chapter 13 Bankruptcy. That’s why we meet every client for a face-to-face discussion.

Your Debt Problems Solved.

Let’s face it filing Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 often carries. a negative stigma or stereotype to individuals.  The stereotype being that you are a deadbeat or can’t pay your bills. This stereotype may stem from generations past and may not seem applicable to today’s economic environment.  After all, many Las Vegas/Henderson residents worked diligently at their jobs at casinos only to be blindsided by the pandemic or had their hours cut or, worse, laid off from their employer.

Ryan Bankruptcy and Injury Law will take the time to listed to your indivdiual plight and what keeps you up at night before carefully discussing all your debt settlement and bankruptcy options. Rather than feeling guilty about filing bankruptcy, individuals should consider how corporations utilize and leverage the bankruptcy laws, including Chapter 7 and Chapter 13, to eliminate dead and position themselves for a bright future.

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Have you been hurt financially by the covid pandemic and the resulting downturn in the Las Vegas economy?  If you are struggling with financial questions, you have come to the right place. As a Las Vegas, Nevada bankruptcy lawyer dedicated to consumer rights, Attorney Ryan is focused on   providing debt relief thru Chapter 7/Chapter 13. I offer immediate relief  and I will make your creditor harassment calls stop. Unlike big law firms with large advertising budgets and billboards, the Law Office of John Ryan, Ltd., provides personalized service of to a limited number of clients in the areas of Estate Planning, Bankruptcy and Personal Injury in Henderson, Sun City Anthem and Seven Hills.

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Options. At the Law Office of John Ryan, we practice the lost art of listening to our clients. Whether you have recently lost your job as a result of the pandemic and resulting downturn in the Las Vegas economy or are facing eviction or the possibility of the loss of your home, the Law Office of John Ryan, Ltd., will take the time to listen to your story so that we can present you options.

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Bankruptcy Attorney Near Me. Learn about options available to consumers saddled with debt including credit card bills, student loan debt or medical bills. Learn about debt settlement, Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 might be right for you.

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Residents of Seven Hills, Sun City Anthem and Henderson have a wealth of options when it comes to Asset Protection, Estate Planning and Wealth Management.

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Personal Injuries resulting from car accidents and slip and falls at a casino may not appear right away. Henderson Accident Injury Attorney Helps injured residents of Henderson/Las Vegas Seven Hills and Anthem.

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