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Personal Injury

Services Offered: Plaintiff firm representing those injured in Auto Accidents, Slip & Falls and Casino Injuries and product liability cases.

Consumer Bankruptcy

Chapter 7 – Liquidation

Chapter 13 – Debt Restructuring

Need a fresh start?

Have you ever asked I wish that I had a bankruptcy attorney near me? As consumer rights bankruptcy lawyers in Las Vegas focused on Chapter 7/Chapter 13 I will make your creditor harassment calls stop. Unlike big law firms with large advertising budgets and billboards, Anthem Legal provides personalized service of cheap bankruptcy lawyer Las Vegas to a limited number of clients in the areas of Estate Planning, Bankruptcy and Personal Injury in Henderson, Sun City Anthem and Seven Hills.

What We Do

Bankruptcy & Debt Settlement Questions

Bankruptcy Attorney Near Me. Learn about options available to consumers saddled with debt including credit card bills, student loan debt or medical bills. Learn about debt settlement, Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 might be right for you.

Estate Planning

Residents of Seven Hills, Sun City Anthem and Henderson have a wealth of options when it comes to Asset Protection, Estate Planning and Wealth Management.

Personal Injury/Injured at a Casino?

Personal Injuries resulting from car accidents and slip and falls at a casino may not appear right away. Henderson Accident Injury Attorney Helps injured residents of Henderson/Las Vegas Seven Hills and Anthem.

Reset Your Life Free of Debt

What’s Your Story? At Anthem Legal, we bond with our debt settlement, bankruptcy and estate planningclients and get to know them as individuals. We know each individual has their own challenges and we look forward to hearing yours and provide cheap bankruptcy attorney in Las Vegas.

Many large budget law firms are better at marketing then they are at practicing law. Many cut corners by simply asking you to fill out a bankruptcy worksheet. Worksheets can’t listen or tell your story, hiring Las Vegas bankruptcy lawyers is a must. At Anthem Legal Our Bankruptcy Lawyers in Las Vegas Nevada Are Your Resource for Asset Management, Personal Injury and Debt Settlement/Chapter 7/Chapter 13 Bankruptcy. That’s why we meet every client for a face-to-face discussion.

Many people have the wrong idea about debt settlement and bankruptcy and getting Las Vegas bankruptcy attorney reviews. While bankruptcy used to be looked down upon in previous generations, that is no longer the case. Instead, it is a vital tool, among several, to assist individuals that are suffering from credit card, medical debt and judgments/wage garnishments.


Chapter 7/13 Bankruptcy Provide a Fresh Start

Although it may seem that you will never be able to pay off your debt, it is important to note that you do have several options, including bankruptcy. However, before there are other options to consider as well. Chapter 7 (liquidation) and Chapter 13 (restructuring of your debt) are essential tools, but Anthem Legal recommends that you consider all of your available options. Learn more about your options with our bankruptcy attorneys Las vegas.

We know that Creditors don’t care if there is a roof over your head or food on your table. They Just Want Their Money, but you have rights.

Get the Help You Need From a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Lawyer Serving United States

A chapter 7 case begins with the debtor filing a petition with the bankruptcy court serving the area where the individual lives or where the business debtor is organized or has its principal place of business or principal assets. In addition to the petition, the debtor must also file with the court: (1) schedules of assets and liabilities;

(2) a schedule of current income and expenditures; (3) a statement of financial affairs; and (4) a schedule of executory contracts and unexpired leases. Debtors must also provide the assigned case trustee with a copy of the tax return or transcripts for the most recent tax year as well as tax returns filed during the case (including tax returns for prior years that had not been filed when the case began). 11 U.S.C. § 521. Individual debtors with primarily consumer debts have additional document filing requirements.

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As a member of the National Association of Bankruptcy Attorney's (NACBA) our bankruptcy attorney in Henderson NV, John Ryan looks out for consumers and takes great pride in providing debt solutions to his clients.

Many consumers are unaware of the various tools available to assist them with debt, including credit card and medical debt and wage garnishments. Henderson bankruptcy attorney Ryan reflects on a career that included prior employment for a large credit card processor, where he worked in the correspondence department.

It was in that position that Mr. Ryan recalled being assigned the difficult task of responding to a family member that who had wrote the bank after her sibling took her life after amassing credit card debt and believing there was no way out. Bankruptcy lawyer in Las Vegas NV Ryan takes pride in providing debt relief options to debt weary consumers.


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